Being a man is hard work. After hitting on a girl for what seems like ages, she finally agrees to that date. Then you court her for a while and realize that she is the one. However, reading women can be tricky. They can be very judgmental about everything. So finding the perfect ring to propose with could take you months because, well, It needs to be perfect and something she will like. The ring needs to tell her just how special she is to you, it needs to sparkle and catch the eye of friends, foes and strangers, it needs to be THE ring. Finding it can be difficult and sometimes it may seem impossible. But you cannot go wrong with DiamondEnvy pink and black diamond chameleon Diamonds - DiamondEnvyengagement rings.

One thing you can never go wrong with are the two favorite colors of any woman: black and pink. These colors will not only look great on any skin tone, you will never be accused of wanting to clash her outfits and she will love you even more for it. The pink and black diamond engagement rings are great if you are looking for an engagement ring that will sparkle on the finger of your beloved each time letting her knowjus how wonderful you think she is. They are also unique and will drive the message right home.


The best part is that because you know what your girlfriend likes, you can create your own unique design of the ring and make it look and feel personalized. All you have to do is choose a diamond stone, create a nice, creative and unique design to go with the ring and submit this to us. We will make the ring for you and deliver it to you. You will have made your girlfriends dream ring, one she will cherish forever.

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The process of shaping a rough diamond into a polished gemstone is both an art and a science


The choice of cut is often decided by the original shape of the rough stone, location of the inclusions and flaws to be eliminated, the preservation of the weight, popularity of certain shapes amongst consumers and many other considerations.[33] The round brilliant cut is preferred when the crystal is an octahedron, as often two stones may be cut from one such crystal. Oddly shaped crystals such as macles are more likely to be cut in a fancy cut—that is, a cut other than the round brilliant—which the particular crystal shape lends itself to.

Even with modern techniques, the cutting and polishing of a diamond crystal always results in a dramatic loss of weight; rarely is it less than 50%.[34] Sometimes the cutters compromise and accept lesser proportions and symmetry in order to avoid inclusions or to preserve the carat rating. Since the per carat price of diamond shifts around key milestones (such as 1.00 carat (200 mg)), many one-carat diamonds are the result of compromising “Cut” for “Carat.” Some jewelry experts advise consumers to buy a 0.99 carats (198 mg) diamond for its better price or buy a 1.10 carats (220 mg) diamond for its better cut, avoiding a 1.00 carat (200 mg) diamond which is more likely to be a poorly cut stone.

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